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We (CBR) use the Asset based community building focus so below are some of the books and articles we depend on in our Community Building work...some of the dates seem old but the content is still very relevant and in many cases way ahead of their time!

1.     Cary, L.J. (Ed.). (1984). Community development as a process. Columbia, MO: University of Missouri Press. - old but right on!

2.     Chavis, D.M., Lee, K.S., & Acosta J.D. (2008). The Sense of Community (SCI) Revised: The Reliability and Validity of the SCI-2. Paper presented at the 2nd International Community Psychology Conference, Lisboa, Portugal. - - A great tool.

3.     Community Building Resources.  (2000 3rd printing) OurBook is yourbook - thinking about community capacity building and asset mapping.  Edmonton, AB: Author- Word copy is on the web site under Resources.

4.     Emery, M. and Flora, C. (2006).  Spiraling up: Mapping community transformation with community capitals framework.  JCDS,Vol 37, No 1 Spring –  7 Community capital make up critical community characteristics

5.     Emery,M. and Flora, C.B. (2006) Using Community Capitals to Develop Assets for Positive Community Change. Community Development Society, CD  Practice Issue     #13.

6.     Erasmus, P. and Ensign, G.  (1998 - 2nd printing).  A Practical framework for community liaison work in native communities.  Wetaskiwin, AB:   To order contact:  Taylor Printing, 4525 56 Street, Wetaskiwin, Alberta Canada   Ph: (780) 352-8333 – Hard to get your hands on this on.- it does not use any of the buzz words.. It is great! 

7.     Henton, D., Melville, J., Walesh, K.  (1997). Grassroots leaders for a new economy: how civic entrepreneurs are building prosperous communities.  San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Publishers - Great Figure on page 23 which shows where civic entrepreneurs emerge

8.     Hustedde, Ronald, J. (1998). On the soul of Community Development, JCDS, Vol 29, No.2 – Wonderful soulful monologue.

9.     Kretzmann, J.P., and McKnight, J.L. (1993). Building communities from the inside out: A path toward finding and mobilizing a community's assets. Evanston, IL: Center for Urban Affairs and Policy Research Neighbourhood Innovations Network - The primary book on the asset focus - First 18 pages are the best!

10.  McKnight, J, The Careless Society (1995) . New York, NY: Basic Books, a division of HarperCollins Publishers.- The best chapter titled "Professionalized service and disabling help" pages 36-52..also has asset map and deficit map comparison on pages 78/79.

11.  Mcknight, J. (1978). Politicizing Health Care, Social Policy Nov/Dec.

12.  McKnight,J and Block, P (2010).  The Abundant Community - Awakening the Power of Families and Neighbourhoods. San Francisco, CA:  Berrett-Koehler Publishers inc.- The newest contribution from John McKnight.

13.  Oldenburg, Ray.  (1997 and new version in 1999)).  The great good place.  New York, NY: Marlowe & Co. - has the concept of the "Third Place" which is great!

14.  Tosterud, Cafe Strategy.  (2005) CDS journal – great for the rural context 

15.  Wilkinson, R.G. (1996).  Unhealthy societies.  New York, NY: Routledge. – relationship are the key!  A seminal piece of work where he explains that building relationships is key to closing the disparity gap!

Suggested Links:

1.     Asset Based Community Development institute – – Many stories here

2.     Abundant communities – Awakening the Power of Families and Neighbourhoods - - John McKnght blogs here and there are great community Stories

3.     Community Building Resources - CBR - - our (CBR) web site - The model is the key for us which is what works and what communities had shown us over time,  We wrote this up with their help - we call it Community Capacity Building and Asset Mapping  and the Six Steps to Success ©  - Also have a look at RAFF .  This is a pretty modest web site but works very well for rural-ites who have limited access..

4.     Community Development Society (CDS) and journal - - Great articles in the journal..You might want to add it to your library...we keep up with this one!

5.     Connor, Desmond - - Constructive Citizen Participation - Really good resources - There is a neat but old paperback that he has called "Understanding your community'' - it has a section on the social compass in it that is excellent - feel free to call him (205) 658-1323

6.     CCED and HRDC – Community Development Handbook - - May be useful 

7.     Kansas Community tool box - - Lots of stuff here!

8.     Social Planning and Research Council of BC - - There is an old but useful resource called 'Discovering why we are Here' but it may be out of print. and I think they have newer ones to replace it ..but they have a lot and free to download...Just email them they will respond to tell you what is a  comparable resource

9.     Syracuse Cultural Workers - - Some really cool CD stuff...a poster titled "How to build Community" is one

10.  Vancouver Coastal health – Has a pretty good document called - Framework for Community Engagement

11.  Vancouver Community Network and the Citizen's Handbook  -




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